‘I know I should go home, but just one more email…’ sighed Rebecca.

At home, her frustrated husband, Daniel waited impatiently as their twins Josh and Gemma ran around squealing.

‘There you are-finally!’ said Daniel, ‘That’s the fourth time this week. I’m getting a bit sick of it. You better be home on time tomorrow, because I won’t be here.’

‘Where are you going?’

‘I’m leaving Rebecca, I’ve had enough of your lies. Your commitment isn’t to me and the family. It’s to your work. Well, I’ve had enough.’


‘As far as I’m concerned it’s a closed subject.’

Sure enough, the following day, Daniel wasn’t home when she returned. She was only one hour late, the twins were at home – six years old and the next door neighbour was there.

‘I’m sorry said Gertrude,’ he was so adamant, he just left.

‘It’s not your fault,’ reassured Rebecca. She looked at the twins. What came first, food or bath? She couldn’t remember, Daniel always did that.

She decided on the food. Now what did Daniel cook? She always had take away on the way home. She decided to buy takeaway pizza.

‘What about our bath?’ moaned Josh. ‘I don’t like Mushrooms,’ moaned Jess. ‘I don’t like these salty things,’ moaned Josh,’ or the black round things.’

‘What about a bath?’ suggested Rebecca eager to have them in bed.

‘Yeah!’ chorused the kids.

After putting them in the bath, Rebecca quickly switched on her laptop. ‘I have to catch up on the emails I didn’t finish at work.’ she muttered.

Only this time the laptop didn’t light up as normal. She checked the power. That was ok. Then it must be the battery. No, that was fully charged. OK, it was, it was, it was…oh shit! the computer is faulty.’

She rang the twenty four hour help support line. ‘Sorry, we are fully booked out until Thursday.’

‘What! That’s three days away!’

‘Yes ma’am, we are very busy at present.’

She was stuck. Her work would not let her use another support agency.

‘Mum! The water’s cold,’ said the twins waddling towards her dripping wet.

‘Huh? Oh yeah. Just put clothes on,’ she muttered, more concerned with the computer.

‘Hey, can we play snakes and ladders Mum….pleeeeze?’ begged Jess as they took out the board.

Rebecca took a long hard look. These were her children. Look how big there were. How long was it since she had played with them? And they still wanted her to play. Such simple faith. ‘Yeah sure,’ she replied

‘Yey!’ they yelled, ‘Mum’s gonna play!’

Once they had finished, Rebecca put them to bed. She sat back with a hot cuppa and reflected on the demands of her work. Her family was growing up and she had nearly missed it. A faulty computer had caused her to see them…for the first time. At the end of the day, her boss paid her for her time, but her children loved her – unconditionally. She decided from now on, court reporter would change – Big time.

Here’s some books we have found useful:

  • Successful Self-Publishing: Making and selling your own book, by Sherryl Clark. Hale & Iremonger, NSW, 1998Everything from designing & compiling your own book, what to include, what to leave out, thinking from the publishers perspective, where to publish your book and how to raise the finances to get yourself started.
  • Lonely Planet Guide To Travel Writing, by Don George with Charlotte Hindle. Lonely Planet Publications, 2005.Includes websites, guidelines from the best travel writers in the business, on how to make your travels make money for you.
  • How to Publish Your Newsletter: A Complete Guide to Print and Electronic Newsletter Publishing, by Carol Leurs-Eyman. NY USA: Square One Publishers, 2006.Compiling & editing – learn how to make your newsletter stand out from the rest by learning the tricks of the trade and what mistakes to strategically avoid!

I’ve added them to the Resources page of the website.

‘So you think you work hard, huh? Well, you need to look around you. Some of us work a lot harder than you…go on, take a look.’

I was taken aback. I knew I was a hard worker. In actual fact, I figured I was one of the hardest workers in the office. Now someone was challenging me – someone without a name.

‘Yeah, that’s what I thought. No guts to speak up when someone is sticking your nose in the truth, is there?’

Who exactly was this dude? Why did he feel the need to explain his worth? Insecurity?

I decided to challenge him. ‘OK then, why do you think you’re the hardest worker?’

‘You mean you don’t realise? How many people are working on this floor? No, don’t bother counting…I’ve already done it….sixty eight people. Yeah, that’s right sixty eight people. Now how many printers are there? I can tell you that too….one – me. And I look after all of you workers day in and day out. I am working here before any of you come in the morning and I’m the last one to rest at night.’

‘But wouldn’t you say it wasn’t harder work, just more time consuming?’ I asked.

‘Time consuming! Don’t you realise time is money? I see all of you going on tea or lunch breaks, but no…I never get even one break a day – or pay. I should be getting paid more than all of you put together!

I realised he had one big chip on his shoulder so I’d better tread carefully. ‘Yeah, you’re right…you do work hard but…’

‘But! What do you mean ‘but’? I spend all my days printing reports, statements, letters, photocopying, faxing, sorting papers, in whatever way you want. Black, colour, I’ll even staple the papers if you want me to. See how smart I am. It’s about time you people appreciated me.’

‘Oh but we do appreciate you. I’d like to know something though…what do you do for recreation if you’re always working.’

‘hehehe! Well now, I’d better let you into a little secret. I DON’T GET NONE! Not like you workers who log off and go home to a nice comfy couch and relax. No, I’m stuck in the office 24/7 and never get let out. One time, someone tried to turn me off – they really tried to suck the life out of me, but I showed them.’

‘What did you show them?’ curiosity was getting the better of me.

‘Well, I decided to do the old ‘malfunction – operator error’ trick. They panicked and left me alone.’

‘What about the next day?’

‘What about the next day? When I saw her coming along, I made a few groaning noises and she soon left.’

‘So you fixed her up?’

‘Well…not really, she came back with this man in a uniform holding a small tool box. He proceeded to take some of my insides out while she tried to tell him what was wrong with me….do you know how humiliating it is to be undressed in the office and left exposed so that everyone can see your insides?’

I grinned – but only for a second. I didn’t want to get him off side. ‘No, I don’t suppose it’s nice…did you eventually make up?’

‘Are you serious? Next time I saw her coming, I made sure the print she wanted was smudged…only thing was she made me print the same thing three times before she went to another floor to print the pages. You know, I laughed so hard when she left that someone complained about the whirring sound that I had to stop.’

Well, you really fixed her up, didn’t you. What other malicious things are you planning to do in the office? I don’t want to get on the wrong side of you.’

‘No, you won’t. I like you. You’re the only office worker to ever take the time to listen to me. You don’t treat me like an old printer. You respect me. I don’t mind doing work for you.’

So I left and went back to my computer and printed out a letter. When I went to pick it up from the printer, it read something altogether different:


I knew I had to make peace with this temperamental old load of shit. I decided to change my tactic. I needed another person in the room to do it.

Just then Sonia walked in.

‘Sonia, how’s things going?’

‘Not good I’m afraid. The printer is doing some really weird things.’

‘Oh?’ I queried.

‘Well, the last thing I typed for the boss was apparently ‘unprofessional’. The boss complained until I showed him what my screen said and what the printer printed was miles apart.’

‘So what happened?’

‘The boss has suggested we replace this load of crap for a new state of the art printer. At least that way, we’d get a decent job…..pity, it used to work so well,’ she said as she left the room.

I stayed to see how he’d react. He remained silent.

Finally I spoke. ‘Do you think it might be worth reconsidering your attitude? If you don’t shape up, you are going to be shipped out.’

‘Yeah, well I’ve been thinking about retirement. I’m just wondering what the perks would be?’

‘I can tell you the only perk would be to get complete rest. Nothing to do day in, day out. You’d be piled on top of the scrap heap…’

‘The scrap heap? Isn’t that where they melt you down and…’

‘Yep, sure is, but at least you won’t have to work hard any longer. After all, you’ve earned it.’

‘There’s a lot of life in me yet,’ he argued, ‘they can think what they like, but they can’t get rid of me that easily,’ and with that he began printing bright, colourful posters. Perfectly centred, no mistakes.

‘Who says I can’t do it?’ he cried

‘Well, you’re certainly showing you know your stuff. They might have to reconsider their intentions,’ I commented.

‘You betcha! I’ve got a new lease on life. I might have my whinge every now and then, but basically I’m a good hard worker.’

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, ‘after what you’ve just told me, you’re rather rebellious.’

‘No, from now on, I’m going to try another tactic. I’ll become over efficient. That way, they can’t afford to put me on the scrap heap.’

‘You know, that sounds like a fail proof tactic,’ I encouraged, ‘with that attitude, you can only get better.’

‘I’ll outdo all of you yet. And when you forget to respect me, wolla! I’ll just shut up shop again.’

‘I hear you, but I’m hoping you can work with us, rather than against us.’

‘Yes, of course I can…for the time being.

Its quiet now, all is at rest

I know this is when, my writing is best

Follow my lead, know it is true

My care is sincere, I care about you

Do not neglect to tell me the truth

Maturity’s honest, not only in youth

I’ve no idea, why I’m writing this rhyme

I think it’s because, I’m killing time!

I’m sitting in a park, in Sydney’s Parramatta

Between two streets so all I hear, is the sound of traffic clatter

The park is very tidy, I hear a bird or two

Yet the grass is so very green, and the sky so very blue

I compare it to

Victoria, a state of longtime draught

So long it seems recovery, is in a state of doubt

I love a sunburnt country, yet sometimes I want to cry

It’s not only sunburnt, but the ground is also dry

The trees can’t grow new leaves, foliage withers away

We need to replenish the ground, for the fauna and flora to stay

We don’t want a flood of water, just enough for life in our ground

So we can pass to our children, the pleasures of life that we found.

If you are looking for a middle school in Tampa for your kid, then you can be considered a lucky parent as it has some of the best in the country. However, as there are so many to choose from, finding the right one for your child can get tricky. So, how to know which one will be the right fit? It is quite simple; all you have to do is ask some important questions that can help you to decide if you should go to that particular middle school or not. So, read on to know the questions that you should be asking the best middle schools in Tampa FL.

Top questions to ask

Question 1: How does this school deal with the common disciplinary problems?

Your child will be spending a major portion of the day without your supervision in middle school. So, it is crucial to ensure the school of your choice is indeed safe. By asking this question you will find out how they punish students for common offenses or what are the terms of detention. The answer will help you to understand if you feel comfortable with your kid studying there. The disciplinary stats of the school can provide a very clear picture of the school as well.

Question 2: What are the school’s expectations for its students?

Unfortunately, not all middle schools track their students in the same way. You will need a high school and/or college-ready curriculum from the school to truly secure your child’s future. So, you should ask this question to understand if all students in this school are getting high school and/or college track curriculum. It is important to go to a middle school that considers all students to be equal. In this way, your child will be well-prepared for the future without having to deal with any kind of favoritism. This kind of treatment from the school will boost the confidence of the student as well.

Question 3: What are the electives? How many can one student choose?

Beyond the core curriculum of language arts, social science, science, and maths, middle schoolers also have the option to choose some electives. Each school offers a variety of options to choose from in education in Tampa Florida. You should ask this question to ensure the school can help your child effectively by providing the option he/she has the knack for.

You would want your kid to push the envelope and become a better version which can be done by selecting more than just one elective. If you want your kid to have more than one elective, then do not forget to ask how many electives one student can choose along with the options available.

Question 4: How a teacher’s effectiveness is measured to ensure high-quality outcomes?

Teachers play a major role in molding young minds to get them ready for the future. Thus, you will need high teaching quality to ensure your kid is getting the best help possible. You should ask this question to get an idea about the teachers who are representing this one of the best schools in Tampa Fl. You are entitled to know the qualifications of teachers, so take advantage of this. You should ask about the school’s background checking methods when selecting a teacher as well.

To conclude

There you have it; these were the top questions you should be asking the best middle schools in Tampa FL. With the answers received you can determine effectually if the school will be a right fit for your child.

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They say moving house and shifting things is a very difficult job. So, you should not do this tricky job all alone. You need to choose the best moving companies in Oklahoma City. So, if you are planning to move to a new city then you will have to plan everything. Your choice of movers and packers is extremely critical but you need to choose the best one among all. If you are moving within the same city then, you should choose a local service provider. They are reliable in this case. But if you are moving to another city then, you will have to consider some necessary things:

1. Check their license: License and authentication are very much necessary things to check before hiring any moving company for your job. This is one of the first and essential things that you need to check at the time of shortlisting the movers and packers. There are so many fake moving companies. But you will have to select the best and most genuine one among all. But the sad part is you cannot easily distinguish the real ones from the fake ones. So, it is necessary to check their license before finalizing the deal.

2. Check their experience: You should know that experience makes one reputed and perfect. So, you will have to choose an experienced and reputed moving company. You will have to choose a company that has spent a lot of years in this business. It is a matter of reliability and safety as well. So, you should not choose a fresh and novice company. You will have to choose an experienced company and it is a better idea.

3. Get referrals: Searching the internet browsing and phone book to find the best moving company is a daunting task. So, you should get referrals from your friends, colleagues, and neighbors as well. You should start by asking your neighbors if they can recommend any reputed and popular moving company OKC for your job. You can also ask for quotes as well.

4. Ask for professional accreditation: You will have to check the professional accreditation of the moving company before hiring them for your moving job. It is necessary and mandatory as well. The approved company will give you the best service with a guarantee.

5. Check their website: You will have to check their website and verify their address as well. Moving is a critical job and you need to make a whole list of your belongings. Otherwise, you may lose some of your valuable items. So, you will have to check their website thoroughly.

So, having a stress-free move, you need to choose the reputed and popular movers and packers. You will have to do a lot of research before hiring moving services OKC. Otherwise, you will have to go for recommendations. A reputable moving company always offers you insurance coverage and a warranty on wear and tear. It is natural as they are moving a lot of items. So, checking out their insurance is necessary. You can ask other questions as well if you have any in your mind.

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City Moving & Storage

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Shifting and moving can be exciting. Oklahoma moving companies helps you relocate your office and household things from one place to another; they use moving vehicles to store your items and hire professionals to help you. Not only this, but they also pack and unpack all your things. There are a lot of benefits of finding a good company of movers in Oklahoma City so let’s have a look at them in brief.


Benefits of hiring a moving company

Experienced workers- a moving company, are experienced and give you experienced workers in long-distance moves. That is why when it comes to moving and packing, there is no one better for this job than a moving company.


Helps you to avoid stress- Moving involves a lot of things like storage, packing, labeling, arranging, etc., especially when you have to move across the country; you have to do a lot of work, including driving, so you must hire a moving company.


Peace of mind- when you know that all your belongings are protected, then you always have a piece of mind; a moving company offers you insurance in which they promise that they would protect your things.


One-time shifting- by hiring professionals, you don’t have to make multiple trips, and also you don’t have to worry about loading your things in various vehicles as they have a massive truck in which they move all of your stuff in a single trip.


Cost-effective- when you try to move things by yourself, you have to buy things like bubble wrap for protection, box, tapes, etc. But hiring a moving company okc can help you avoid all of this cost in the moving price, which is efficient and practical.


Safe- when it comes to big and heavy furniture, you might face many problems, which is why professionals are better for this job as they have machines and an entire team to carry your furniture up and downstairs. For them, it is a straightforward task.


How to find a moving company

Get reviews- there are so many options available in the market and on the internet which can confuse you, and that is the reason why you should start searching for a company by asking your co-workers, friends and family members for recommendations

Check license- if you like a company and want to select it, don’t forget to check the license and insurance of that company.

Check cost- before agreeing to a company and making payment, don’t forget to check whether they involve extra charges or not

Check reviews- the most important thing is to check their past customer reviews and how they respond to their customers.



If you want to shift to a new place and are confused about whether you should choose a movers norman ok, you can get a lot of help to decide that after reading this article. You must hire a moving company while moving somewhere and want a fast and professional way to carry all your furniture and stuff. By having all these benefits, a professional company can never go wrong, so next time you plan your next move, you must search for a company with the help of the points mentioned above.


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One of the most difficult metrics to ascertain is brand mentions awareness. You will require a set of the right skills and tools to come up with a positive result. Brand mentions involve both brand recognition and brand recall. By setting up a social listing stream you can measure the brand mentions appropriately. If your brand is having a social presence online then you will require to measure the social mentions. Social listening can give you great insights that would be beneficial for your business.

By setting up a social listening stream you can cancel all the noises and focus on the voices that speak for the brand. Using a mentioned stream, you can track the mentions on social sites such as Instagram and Facebook. There are several brands mentions tools that you can use to get the right measurement and take better decisions.

How to monitor brand mentions?

If you are looking forward to tracking the brand mentions then you have come to the right place. below we will be listing a few of the ways that show how you can monitor brand mentions and make better decisions towards your business.

Avoid any generic keywords: One of the best ways to measure brand mentions is to avoid using any generic keywords for the best results. if you have a generic word as your brand name then avoid using it. try using it alongside another keyword for the best results. for example, if your brand name is the target then use target and for the best results.

Use Booleans: There are several ways to measure brand mentions among which the most popular ay is to use Booleans. You can use Boolean operations to ensure the searches you make are specific. This also helps to remove all the irrelevant results offering the best results.

Create alerts for phrases: If you are looking forward to setting alerts for a specified phrase then ensure you use quotes for the best results. quotation marks to search for the exact string of characters to give you the best results by removing all irrelevant results.

Track-specific websites: If you are looking to track specific websites so that you get notified when something is posted. You will require to use the site-specific search for the best results. the name of the keyword and the website should be mentioned in quotes.

You can get detailed social data analytics by incorporating tools that are popular. These tools divide data on the basis of words, phrases, location, gender and many more so that you get what you are looking for. you can also integrate Google analytics to ensure you get the best results. besides, one of the most important research done by these tools is regarding audience. It has the capacity to analyse the conversation of the audience and figure out what they want.

Features such as image recognition, emoji analysis, analysis on all social media platforms and smart reports make these brand monitoring tools the best.


Mentioned above are some ways how you can configure brand mentions and make the right decisions for the best results. brand mentions are very essential for businesses these days to stay ahead of their competitors.

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There is no denying that the roof of the house is the most important part of a building and it should not be neglected. You must understand that roof is exposed to the elements of nature constantly and it undergoes wear and tear over time. Repairing the roof is not an easy job like you think. It needs a certain degree of expertise and experience to get the job done. So, if you want proper results then you should hire the services of Oklahoma city roofing contractors in Yukon OK.

How To Choose Roofing Contractors

The good news is that Yukon has many roofing contractors, come do a decent job, but they ask you for too much money, some are very bad, and some are excellent. So, you have to hire a contractor very carefully. Here are some wonderful tips that will help you. Have a look.

  • Always focus on a contractor who understands your specific needs. You should strictly avoid contractors who claim to provide all services for reasonable prices. Instead, you should focus on locating a company that offers services related to repairs or replacement.
  • The most important thing is that you must analyze all your options well before moving ahead. Make a complete list of all reputed companies and then compare them based on prices and services. Go through the reviews written on them. Visit the testimonial section on their official website to see what their customers are saying about them.
  • Focus on hiring a contractor at roofing Oklahoma that has been in the business for many years. This will ensure that they will have the right knowledge on how to deal with different roof repairs or roof replacements. Experienced contractors may charge a bit extra but they deliver solid results.
  • Once you have settled on a contractor, make sure you ask them for references. Call those references and ask them about their experience with the contractor. This will help you gain a lot of clarity on the matter.
  • Aim to hire contractors in your locality as they will be available for emergency repair work at roofing okc. Also, if they are in your locality for a long time, the chances are they are good at what they do.
  • A contractor that gives you a free bid or estimate should be on top of your list. The company should give your roof an inspection before they put a price on the job. Make sure you get an itemized price quote from the company in writing. This will make sure that you are not paying hidden charges.
  • Do not forget about insurance, typically contractors offer workers compensation and insurance. This way you will not have to shoulder any liability if a disaster occurs. Stick to companies that offer guarantees and warranties on the job done.
  • Take a look at pictures of the roof that have been worked upon by the contractor in question. This will tell you if you are working with a good company or not.

These are some of the points that you should keep in mind when you hire Roofing contractors in Yukon Ok. A steady and systematic approach will lead you to the right contractor.


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Are you looking for the best roofing companies in Oklahoma City? Do you want to know which factors you should consider finding reliable roofers? You will find many roofing companies in your location. Some of them might claim to offer the best roof installation and repair services. However, you cannot hire one without doing extensive research. You will have to check the license, experience, insurance, and reputation of roofers before making any decision.

Roofing is a huge investment, and it is directly related to the safety of your family. Therefore, you should not make any decision without proper research and fair comparison. You might need to spend a bit more on the experienced and trustworthy roofing companies in Oklahoma City. However, they can offer durable solutions and save you on repair or replacement costs. In the following, we will cover some considerations that you can go through to find the best roofer for your roof.

Find Licensed and Insured Roofers

You will have to ensure that the roofer is experienced, licensed, and insured. All these prove the credibility of the company and the durability of the solution. If the company has the license, you can claim all their damages during roof installations or repairs. If the company lacks any of these, you will have to consider the alternatives. The options are many, and you should not decide without checking with all the reputed companies.

 Always Go with Local Services

You will have to narrow down your choices to local roofers. You will find many local options, and some of them will have industry experience. The local companies will be aware of local conditions. Also, they will know local codes, climate, and weather conditions. More importantly, they are easily accessible. You can visit them to check the location. Whenever needed, you can hire them for repair and installations. As they will be available locally, they will try to serve your interest in the best manner. Otherwise, you can reach out to them and claim for damages or similar conditions.

Choose Friendly and Professional Roofers

A reputed roofing company will have many best qualities. The roofer will have the skill and experience to deal with different types of roofing problems. Apart from that, the service will be highly professional and will try to complete the job within the given deadline and budget. Also, the roofer will be communicative and friendly. You can share your concerns and unique requirements without any confusion. If the service is not communicative, you cannot expect the desired benefits.

Check the Reviews

Before making any decision, you will have to check the reviews.  It is worth mentioning that customer reviews are the experience of previous customers. They share both the positive and negative sides of roofers. You can go through them to know that a particular roofing company is worth your money or not.

You can consider all the above factors while choosing roofing companies in Oklahoma City. You should not limit your choice to one company. Instead, widen your research and compare a few leading names. If you do so, you can find the most suitable service without hurting your budget.

Salazar Roofing and Construction Also Offers Following Services:

Roofing Supply OKC

Roofers in Oklahoma City

Roofing Shawnee OK

Roofing Companies Oklahoma City


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As a responsible parent, you should take care of your kid from the time of their birth to their adolescence. If you are thinking that chiropractic care is only for adults then, you are wrong. You should take your child for chiropractic care and treatment. There is so many reputed and reliable toddler chiropractor that you can find in your locality. The kid will be benefited from chiropractic care. But many people think that chiropractic care is not safe for their kids. So, here are some details that will prove that chiropractic care is beneficial and no harmful for all ages of kids. Many parents take their kids to the chiropractor for ensuring their rapid growth and development as well.


Here are some ways that chiropractic care will benefit your kids:


  1. It provides good and healthy living: Every child should live with proper posture and for that, a properly structured and aligned neck and spine are very much helpful. It also clears the clogs of neural pathways. So, as you can see, the nervous system of your child will perform better. It promotes healthy living for your kid. Your child will develop a good eating habit, healthy living and regular exercise as well.


  1. It also helps with breastfeeding: You may see that many newborn babies and many new mommies find it difficult t stay attached at the time of breastfeeding. A chiropractor will help the child to align their spine, shoulder and neck and make the feeding procedure easier than before. So, the chiropractor will helo the child to relieve and reduce some stress.


  1. Helps in sleeping matters: Mothers know how it is difficult to get their babies to bed. For that, both child and mother spend so many sleepless nights. But chiropractic care is very much beneficial to provide the kid with better sleep. The misaligned vertebra can cause discomfort to your kid at the time of sleeping. It also happens due to the disturbance in the nervous system. Chiropractic care can remove this problem and your child will get enough sleep.


  1. Reduce the chance of injuries: You may know that toddlers and children have flexible bones than adults. But they are not at all spared from the injuries. Regular chiropractic care for the children will be very much helpful and reduce the chance of injuries. After this care and treatment, the child can crawl, pull up, sit up and turn over as well.


  1. Discard the problem of earaches and sinus: Through chiropractic care, the child can get rid of congestion, sinus issues and earaches. Apart from this, if a kid is suffering from asthma then, chiropractic care is very much beneficial for them.


The child can get better immune system support through chiropractor in OKC. If your child is suffering from infection and cold then, you should take her to a reputed and experienced chiropractor near you. A professional expert will help you with this. Above all, less stress will give your child better behaviour and reduce your tension as a mother.


Elledge Chiropractic & Acupuncture Also Offers Following Services :

Cervical Misalignment Treatment

Chiropractor For Vertigo

Back Doctor OKC

Chiropractor OKC Open Saturday

Acupuncture Oklahoma City


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Roofing indicates the act of installation or repairing roofs of houses or buildings. While making a roof, it is quite important to keep the climate of that area in mind. Oklahoma City, capital of the state of Oklahoma in the USA, is a moderate state when it comes to its climate. The west of the state is semi-arid whereas, the east shows humid and subtropical features. Average temperature in Oklahoma varies from 30O F to 94oF. The summers are hot, sweaty and humid. The winters are cold and windy with a snowfall of average 5.8 inches. The precipitation is 35.6 inches average.

Oklahoma City having a pretty decent climate provides amazing residential and real estate properties. Most of the state being just a mass of flatland provides the great foundation ground for building houses.

Deciding the type of roof

Roofing companies in Oklahoma City often provide a wide variety of roofing material. The companies usually check if your house has leakages, seepages, cracks and if the walls are strong enough to hold a new roof. With the advent of new technologies, companies use drones with heat capturing tech to see if the previous roof had any thermal leakage.

Oklahoma City is a state which receives standard snowfall and rainfall. Thus, a pitched roof is a must. Slate is the materials which is best suited for snowy winters. A pitched roof made up of slate helps the snow to slide off.

Asphalt shingles is another widely used material for building roofs. It is an inexpensive, easy to install and light weight material perfect for quick installations in summer.

Green roofing is the best organic material which has been used for years. Thanks to its terracotta base, it keeps the house cool. You will feel like you have a wet towel on your face. Summers in this city being hot and humid, green roofing sure does justice to it.

TPO or thermoplastic polyolefin is lightweight, thanks to its single layer of synthetic roofing membrane. There is a thin reinforcing scrim over it. It is one of the fastest growing materials to be taken up by the roofers. A TPO roof will last easily up to 30 years. With the only disadvantage being that excessive heat can crack up the material. But the summers of Oklahoma City will not do much harm to it.

Tile roofing is the most classic way of roofing. With its terracotta base, it can easily withstand precipitation or snowfall. Tiled roof can even withstand extreme conditions, from hailstorms to tragic fires. Only issue with this type of roofing is, there can be  leakage if there is a craftsmanship fault.

The last option is metal roofing. Metal roofing is although light and easy to install but it is expensive, and noisy. Nobody wants thumping on our heads when there is rainstorm.


Replacing costs average to $14,500 while installation of new roofs can vary from $15 to $85 per lead. Good commercial roofing companies provide insurance, one must always take that claim.

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In this work from home life, almost everyone is getting some sort of sickness. Some are becoming a victim of the screen and some are caught by headache and joint pain. The health issues are rising day by day because of this new normal life.


In case, you have severe back pain then you must visit the back pain specialist at your place. Do you know a back pain specialist or are you searching for one? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out! We’ll surely help you out in finding the best back pain specialist in Oklahoma City.


There are many kinds of medical professionals who treat back pain and each one of them has varied skills, specialties, training, and experience. So how would you know which back pain specialist is best for you? Which back pain specialist will treat you better and help you get rid of your pain?


Best Back Pain Specialist in Oklahoma City


Here’s a quick guide of different back pain specialists and which one is the right choice for you.




The very first back pain specialist on our list is a Physiatrist. A physiatrist is also known as a physical medication and rehabilitation physician, also PM and R.  These pain specialists hold specialization in the treatment of nonsurgical back pain.


For much better and accurate electrodiagnostic testing, a physiatrist performs the diagnosis of the main cause of the pain in your back. The diagnosis before suggesting a large treatment plan.


Some are specialized in physical rehabilitation while some are specialized in interventional pain. On the contrary, some are specialized in both fields.


  1. Physical therapist


Some specialists hold a specialization in physical therapy which can help people relieve their pain. Moreover, physical treatment and therapy is a part of a lot of people’s treatment.


Other than this, some specialists also offer physical therapy mainly. They are neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and physiatrists.


  1. Anesthesiologist


What about pain management? Yes, there is some back pain specialist who helps in pain management. Most people believe that an anesthesiologist is the one who monitors and administers the surgery. But, there is a physiologist who holds a specialization in pain management. They mainly are concerned with treating the spin orders.


  1. Rheumatologist


A Rheumatologist is one who deals with the internal diagnosis of various rheumatic diseases that affects our musculoskeletal system.


These back pain specialists are most likely to offer primary back care services. So, in case your pain is somewhat related to various kinds of arthritis then you can visit a rheumatologist.


  1. Spine surgeon


These are the most trained and talented surgeons, they hold certifications in surgery, neurosurgery, or orthopedic surgery. This is the most typical treatment you can have because most of the back pain can be cured without any surgery.


But if you are feeling severe pain, then you must visit this doctor.




So this was all about the back pain specialist in Oklahoma City. You can visit any one of them according to the level of your pain and according to your condition.


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Everyone knows that water is a vital resource. It is used daily for many purposes. One cannot think of living without water. But one should also understand that water entering your home through pipes is not always of good quality. Thus, it is very important to focus on the quality of the water. This can be done with the help of filtration.


Benefits of point of entry filtration

There are two commonly used systems in filtration. One is the 1) point of entry filtration and 2) point of use. The first one is also called POE and the second one is called POU. Based on your requirement you can choose the one that suits the needs of your home. In point-of-entry, the installation is done where the main water line starts. It is the point where the water enters your entire home. After the filtration, the water can be used through taps and other appliances that are present in your home. This is the only reason we can also say that POE is whole house filtration for water.


There are many benefits of POE which should be understood properly before you get the same installed. It can be easily maintained and is durable. It works properly for at least six to seven years and is a great choice for larger units. It helps in treating the water before you use it. It produces water that is appropriate for general use. The only disadvantage related to this type of filtration is that it does not produce water that is suitable for purpose of drinking. With the point of use filtration, you will be able to get water that is perfect for drinking.


Safe water for the entire home

The filtration process removes many impurities that are present in the water and thus improves the quality of water. It removes sulfur, iron, chlorine, dissolved solids, and many more. There are many problems that might occur if all the impurities remain in the water. So, getting POE for your home is for sure a sensible decision you are making for your family’s health. You should also educate others about its benefits and encourage them to it is installed in their homes.


Get it installed by a trained and experienced person

If you have already made up your mind to get the POE installed get it done from a trained person. Do not rely on any person who does not have enough experience in this field. There are many companies as well that are offering their services in it. So, you can also open the site and gather all the information from it.


Try to clear all the things related to the time the work will start and end. Also, confirm the number of days in which it will get completed. It would also be sensible to get the quote for the work. This will save you from any financial problem at a later stage. Also, ensure that the products used are of good quality so that no problems occur for years.

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