Pen 2 Print Is Upgrading Its Network

In an attempt to upgrade our network and provide our writers with the tools needed to succeed online we have liquidated our entire inventory of desktop computers and opted for tablets and laptops in exchange. We hired a computer liquidation company to come in, take inventory, shred our hard drives, and broken iPhones and properly dispose of the waste.

computer liquidation

Computer liquidation in progress.

Out With The Old

The old desktop towers were still running Windows XP and were way out of date. We made the transition from the Windows operating system and have ventured to the Macintosh line of tablets and computers. The apps seemed more stable and there appears to be less system downtime from OS crashes and other unstable program errors. The Apple hardware also seems to process faster and all around has been a great improvement.

In With The New

Now that we have modernized our technology with hardware and software that is current we are ready for a new wave of projects that we feel we can manage better with the new technology we have implemented in our offices. The team has embraced the transition to Mac-based writing tools and have already noticed a drastic difference in performance.

Computers And The Future

We hope that liquidating our assets and upgrading to the Apple-based systems was the right call.

Newly purchased computers

New Office Computers

There are so many cloud-based tools available that it’s hard to identify what should be purchased and installed on the actual machines, and what should be leveraged from the cloud. As the technology advances who know where the future will take us, there may be a time where laptops and tablets are no longer the norm and liquidating them will become the solution to advance. Whatever the case may be, we are ready to perform at a high level now with our new computers, fast processors, stable operating systems, and cloud storage solutions from Google. We are excited about the now, but also excited about what the future holds for us and our team of creative writers.