Poetry Do you have a flair for poetry? Are you able to write down a few words and make it flow, give it metre or rhyme? Do you know how to write a Sonnet? Or perhaps Haiku? Perhaps this is an area you want to pursue? We not only show you how to do all this but be creative too!

There are many styles of poetry, some traditional, some modern but all of them have one thing in common. It is written capsulating something deep within; perhaps an emotion, a longing, a vision, an understanding.

Most poems are powerful due to their ability to be interpreted many ways and often on many deep and profound levels.

Develop the ability to present your poem creatively or as practically as possible. Our course notes give you the secrets to indulge in this seductive form of writing.

Do you fancy yourself as a poet? Do you dream of expressing the deepest of emotions and aspirations through verse? You might not be the next Laureate, but you can write verse that people will want to read!