Water is one of the most important things in our life. It is almost impossible to live without having water. We use water for drinking, cooking and even for cleaning and washing. The water that you are using for drinking and cooking must be free of any impurities and lead free. But there is a huge percentage of lead found in the water which we often drink or use in cooking. This can have a negative impact on your body and mind.

Adverse effects of lead in water

There are many adverse effects of lead present in the water on human body and brain. Some of the reverse impacts of lead containing water are:

  1. Effect on brain: There can be many effects on the brain due to exposure of lead containing water such as lack of concentration, memory loss and headache. Besides these, it can also cause irritability and depression.
  2. Effect on body: Some of the effects on body are joint and muscle pain, fatigue and too much of body ache. You can feel the pain more and less all the time, especially when you are making any movement.
  3. Effect on digestive system: The lead containing water can take a huge toll on your digestive system as well. This can cause constipation, poor appetite and nausea. Often you will face digestive issues after having lunch or dinner
  4. Effect on cardiovascular health: Lead containing water is not good for consumption as this can have a serious impact on your cardiovascular health too. It can increase the blood pressure level which can have a direct impact on your heart health.
  5. Effect on kidney & nervous system: The lead in the water can cause damage to the kidney as well as to the nervous system of your body. The kidney may function abnormally and even get damaged due to this. It can also cause numbness and pain in your body.
  6. Effect on reproductive system: The lead can also have a negative impact on your reproductive system also. It can decrease the sex drive, increase sperm count. Even it can cause some serious issues regarding the child birth.

Benefits of having lead water filter

You need to make sure that you are buying a lead water filter to improve your health and protect your family too. The lead water filter can help you in removing the lead from the water effectively. As you can see the lead can cause several damages to your body and the worst part is that you will not notice it eventually. It will be too late when you realize that the lead has caused a lot of damages. With the lead water filters you can stay protected and save yourself from the damage.


It is quite clear from the above that lead in water is dangerous. Most of the water contains lead but you need to filter the lead out of your water with the help of a reliable water filter. Hence it is important to buy a water filter which can remove the lead from the water effectively.